Web Scraping and EDA with Python


Web scraping using Python from Real Website & Exploratory Data Analysis of Highest Ranked United Kingdom Companies by Forbes


I was able to scrape data from Wikipedia using two Python libraries ('beautiful soup' & "request"). Then performed exploratory data analysis on the United Kingdom's top 50 ranked companies in 2021, ranked by Forbes.

This gave us a comprehensive dataset that includes each company's headquarters location and industry sector, along with their financial figures in billions of US dollars for the year 2021.

Then, we moved on to the exploratory data analysis phase. We used Python's powerful data science libraries, such as pandas and seaborn, to explore the distribution of revenue, profit, assets, and value among these companies. We also analyzed the number of companies in each industry and location and examined the correlation between different financial variables.

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Here are some key insights found:

Based on the data analysis of the top 50 UK companies listed in the Forbes Global 2000, we can draw the following conclusions:

These findings provide valuable insights into the characteristics and performance of the top 50 UK companies. They can be used to inform business strategies and decision-making. However, it's important to note that these findings are based on the data from the year 2021, and the current situation may be different. Therefore, using the most recent data for making business decisions is recommended.

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