HR Analytics

Python Power BI


HR analytics is a powerful tool that allows organizations to gain valuable insights into their workforce, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. HR analytics can provide a wealth of information that can help organizations optimize their workforce and improve business outcomes. Here are some of the key benefits of HR analytics: Improved Decision-Making, Predictice Analytics, Talent Management, and Cost Savings.

The HR dashboards I designed provide a comprehensive overviews of employee and training information to help managers make informed decisions. The dashboard includes multiple charts that display key HR metrics in a clear and concise manner.

Dashboad 1 (Employees Overview)

One of the key features of the dashboard is the Employees overview section. This dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of employee information, including demographic data, job titles, and performance metrics. Key features of this dashboard include:

  1. Employee Demographics: This section provides a breakdown of employee demographics, including age, gender, and ethnicity.
  2. Employee Education: This section provides a breakdown of employee educations, including Bachelor Degree, Diploma, Master Degree, Certificate I & II
  3. Job Titles: This section provides a breakdown of job titles within the organization, including the number of employees in each position, and pay type of each jobs
  4. Performance Metrics: This section provides key performance metrics, such as Total employee, total salary, and turnover rate.

Dashboad 2 (Training Overview)

This dashboard provides an overview of employee training, including training type, top training programs, training cost, total trained, and training budget. Key features of this dashboard include:

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