Covid-19 Impacts Analysis


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on virtually every aspect of our lives, from health and economics to social norms and personal relationships. Almost all the countries were impacted negatively by the rise in the cases of Covid- 19.

The first wave of Covid- 19 impacted Global Economic, Health, Education, Politics, environments as the world was never ready for the pandemic. It resulted in a rise in cases, a rise in deaths, a rise in unemployment and a rise in povetry

This project covers the analysis of the spread of Covid-19 cases and all the impacts of covid-19 on the economy.

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The data has the following attributes;

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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost all countries in the world, with varying degrees of severity. The total number of cases and deaths are correlated, suggesting that countries with higher cases are likely to have higher deaths as well. The stringency index of a country, which measures the strictness of Covid-19 control measures, is negatively correlated with the number of cases and deaths, suggesting that stricter measures have been effective in reducing the spread of the virus.The outbreak of covid-19 resulted in the highest number of covid-19 cases and deaths in the united states. One major reason behind this is the stringency index of the United States. It is comparatively low according to the population. All the countries GDP per capital were affected during the outbreak of covid-19.


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