Clinical Support Tool with Decision Tree

Python Machine Learning

Building a Clinical Decision Support Tool with Decision Trees

Objective: To construct a model from historical patient data to predict the most appropriate medication for a new patient with the same illness.

Data Description

import numpy as np import pandas as pd from sklearn.tree import DecisionTreeClassifier

Development Process

  1. Data Loading and Preparation:
    • Libraries such as pandas and numpy for data manipulation and sklearn for the DecisionTreeClassifier are imported.
    • The patient data is loaded into a DataFrame for further processing.
  2. Exploratory Data Analysis:
    • An initial exploration of the data is likely performed to understand the distribution and characteristics of the features and response variable.
  3. Model Development:
    • A decision tree classifier is developed using the sklearn library.
    • The model is trained on the historical patient data to learn the patterns associated with the medication responses.
  4. Model Evaluation:
    • The accuracy of the model is measured using the accuracy_score function from sklearn's metrics module.
    • A confusion matrix is generated to evaluate the performance across different classes.

# Converting Cat to num values from sklearn import preprocessing le_sex = preprocessing.LabelEncoder()['F','M']) X[:,1] = le_sex.transform(X[:,1]) le_BP = preprocessing.LabelEncoder()[ 'LOW', 'NORMAL', 'HIGH']) X[:,2] = le_BP.transform(X[:,2]) le_Chol = preprocessing.LabelEncoder()[ 'NORMAL', 'HIGH']) X[:,3] = le_Chol.transform(X[:,3]) X[0:5]
print('shape of X_trainset:', X_train.shape) print('shape of y_trainset:', y_train.shape) print('shape 0f x_testset', X_test.shape) print('shape of y_testset:', y_test.shape)

Evaluation Results


The decision tree model demonstrates excellent performance in classifying the correct medication for patients based on their profiles. The high accuracy score and detailed confusion matrix indicate the model's potential as a robust clinical decision support tool.

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