Automobile Data Analysis


Using Python for exploratory data analysis


What are the main characteristics which have the most impact on the car price?

Exploratory Data Analysis with Python

What features have the most impact on the car price?

## Import Libraries import pandas as pd import numpy as np import seaborn as sns import matplotlib.pyplot as plt %matplotlib inline
# Data Loading df = pd.read_csv('Auto_mobile.csv')
automobile dashboard
Automobile data

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At this point, we have gained a more comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of our data, as well as the key variables that should be considered when attempting to forecast car prices. Specifically, we have identified a set of continuous numerical variables, such as length, width, curb-weight, engine-size, horsepower, city-mpg, highway-mpg, wheel-base, and bore, As well as a categorical variable, namely, drive-wheels.

Now, we can use this to construct machine learning models to facilitate our analysis, supplying the model with relevant variables that have a genuine impact on our target variable would enhance the accuracy of our model's predictions.

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